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Portable 12-channel ECG machine Hot sale!

Time:2023/2/21 10:54:43 View 3196

Cost effective, Reliable, Easy operation!


7inch LCD

9.7inch LCD

9 channel

12 channel



e1200 plus



²ISO13485, CE & CFDA certificated company;

²Full keyboard, large touch screen operation;

²Sampling rate up to 16000Hz, pace detection

²Accuracy: 24 bits A/D converter;

²Advanced ECG analysis: VCG,TVCG,VLP,HRV/Pharmacological Study (optional);

²Support DAT\SCP\PDF\XML\HL7\DICOM and work list;

²External USB printer , Keyboard, Mouse, Bar-code scanner support etc;

²Data transfer to PC directly by Ethernet, Wi-Fi (optional) or USB.