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Rencare Co., Ltd

Resting ECG



²Design patent, software copyright patent

²Full keyboard, Large touch screen operation (1024*600 resolution)

²Advanced STEMI diagnostic tools for 18 channel ECG interpretation

²Advanced Might-gold algorithm for automatic accurate measurements and interpretation;

²Sampling rate up to 16000Hz, pacemaker detection

²High accuracy: Accurate capture every signal with 24 bits A/D converter

²15 minutes real-time ECG waveform freezing and review, never miss a beat

²Supporting 9/12/15/16/18-lead ECG configurable

²Supporting accurate digital filter to decrease the polarization voltage and other interference

²Save up to 1000 ECG records internally (expandable to SD card and USB flash-disk)

²Advanced ECG analysis: VCG/TVCG/VLP/HRV/Pharmacological Study(optional)

²Support DAT、SCP、PDF、XML、HL7、DICOM and worklist , connecting with HIS seamlessly

²External sampling box & power supply highly increase the acquisition accurate and stability

²Large-capacity Lithium-ion battery use for more than 3 hours on one charge

²External USB printer , Keyboard, Mouse, Bar-code scanner support etc

²Data transfer to PC directly by Ethernet, Wi-Fi or USB

²Data upload to HIS or server automatically through FTP software or Might-net ECG management system