Rencare Co., Ltd

Rencare Co., Ltd



Product Highlights

²Convenient, quick and precise report

²High-accurate e-caliper, support measure-point adjusting/re-analyzing

²Thorough ECG data management and post-processing

²Analysis of VCG by Frank lead system

²Lead reversal function ensures correct placement of electrodes

²Support intelligence physical examination and pediatric mode


Software Highlights

²High performance sampling box, compatible with 9/12/15/18 leads synchronous data acquisition

²Advanced anti baseline drift technology ensures steady ECG signals.

²Might-gold automatic measurements and interpretation tested by CSE / AHA / MIT database

²Heart rate variability (HRV), QT dispersion analysis, Fluid Construction Grammar (FCG),

²Vectorcardiogram (VCG),Time VCG, High Frequency ECG, Ventricular Late Potentials (VLP)

²Pacemaker detection

²Multi-format report storage and report

²Support worklist for ECG data managemen