Resting ECG machine

Product  Highlights
Convenient, quick and precise report
High-accurate e-caliper, support measure-point adjusting/re-analyzing
Thorough ECG data management and post-processing
Analysis of VCG by Frank lead system
Lead reversal function ensures correct placement of electrodes
Support intelligence physical examination and pediatric mode

Software Highlights
High performance sampling box, compatible with 9/12/15/18 leads synchronous data acquisition
Advanced anti baseline drift technology ensures steady ECG signals.
Might-gold automatic measurements and interpretation tested by CSE / AHA / MIT database
Heart rate variability (HRV), QT dispersion analysis, Fluid Construction Grammar (FCG),
Vectorcardiogram (VCG),Time VCG, High Frequency ECG, Ventricular Late Potentials (VLP)
Pacemaker detection
Multi-format report storage and report
Support worklist for ECG data management

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